Spotify playlists by bzur!

As the title may suggest, here’s a quick review on bzur curated playlists!

Submissions here!

Two minutes minimal piano

How much can a musician tell in 2 minutes… or less? Discover the magic world of the aphoristic music!

One submission per artist, new entries usually go on top, periodical rotation to grant better exposure for each artist 😉

One minute minimal piano

A more challenging version of the previous one, same rules.

Piano italiano – emerging and famous pianists from Italy

Only italian pianists here (famous and less famous)

Best OWN pieces

Just asking to send me you three best tracks!

Best OWN piano pieces

Same as above, but piano solo version 🙂

This is Halloween

Should be self-explanatory…


Another variation of bzur’s obsession for short tracks… just send me your shortest one!


Chaos and fantasy: everyone is invited to do anything he wants on this collaborative playlist. ANY genre and number of entries. ready? GO!